Some features may not be available on the Community Edition

  • Container-ready - Tested on Openshift (Enterprise Kubernetes/Docker). Easily deployed to cloud for load balancing and high availability.
  • Highly secure - Uses Spring Security, Passay password validator and bcrypt password hash
  • Web-based - Unlimited branches possible, no setup necessary for branches (PCs at the branches will only need internet connection and a web-browser (Tested using Chrome)
  • Centralized Database, management and reporting - No need for main office to solicit reports from branches (the Head office can generate any report of any branch at any time), the main server will be secured at the client's main office
  • Real-time access and monitoring of activities - eliminates the possibility of fraudulent activities from branches
  • Role-based access control - possible to set-up unlimited Encoder, Manager and Branch Owner Accounts
  • Automated aging of pawned items
  • Highly configurable interest rates per Branch on a daily basis
  • Supports secure pullout of items from Branch (thru a Liaison account)
  • Supports inter-branch cash replenishments
  • Foreclosed items available for auction
  • Supports pawn renewals
  • Redeemed, Outstanding, Inventory, Foreclosed and Pulled-out item views
  • Verbose statistics organized through various time periods
  • Graphical activity reports
  • Daily cash position report and cash disbursements (Basic Accounting)
  • Customer Self-service - possible for customers to securely check status of pawned items and renew expiring items online
  • Internalization i18n


  1. SaaS features. Free-tier is 1 branch/owner/manager/encoder.
  2. Liaison role to be able to adjust encoder role's dates.
  3. Adjustable redeem dates.
  4. Adjustable auction appraised amount margin, markup (10%), maturity (30 days), expiry (120 days), edit minute (15).
  5. Admin should have delete and unarchive functionality.
  6. Eliminate all sql:query and convert to JavaBeans.